Monday, 6 March 2017

Guest Blog Post: Creativity by Isobel Celine

Creativity for me is something I use every day. 

Firstly, hey guys! I'm Isobel from Fashionista Chic. I mainly write about my personal style, beauty, lifestyle, travel and the occassional advice post. I also have a YouTube channel where I post weekly/weekend vlogs, Primark hauls etc. Find me by searching 'Isobel Celine' or find the direct link on my blog.

So let's get back to the topic of creativity. I personally think you can be creative in anyway possible, whether that be through fashion and beauty, or even through art or decorating your home. There's so many ways to be creative, the list is endless, you just have to believe in yourself!

When I was younger, I used to do Art at school, even from the age of 4, I always loved to be creative. My imagination runs wild with ideas each day, from situations, things I have seen or read. Pinterest is literally a gold mine for creativity, I could scroll and search for that app for hours it;s so addictive! It's brilliant if your stuck for ideas. Especially for us bloggers when we get writers block. I have a blog post coming soon with ideas all to help you beat writers block!

Another thing that helps you to be creative is therapy colouring. I feel this is something that not only helps to relax you, but helps you to bring out that creative part of you you didn't think you had.

I feel my most creative and free when I've gone out for a walk, or travelled to a new place or country. I just want to capture it all through a lens and share it with the world. Photography is an amazing thing, and a brilliant way to get creative. As this is something I've loved for many years and is something I want to bring more of into my blog by maybe making a photo diary of the month of what lovely photographs I've taken throughout the month etc.

So, that concludes my time here on Bloggers Who Brunch. Thanks for having me! But before I go, I have a question for you...How do you get creative and in what way or form? Get involved and leave a comment down below! 

Isobel Celine

Fashionista Chic

Twitter: @IsobelCeline
Instagram: @isobelceline
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