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Guest Blog Post: Self Love by Sanoobar Unscripted

Dear reader,
My name is Sanoobar Patel and I am a lifestyle blogger and youtuber who writes about fashion beauty and travel over at Sanoobar Unscripted (

Love yourself. Be true to yourself. Know that this is the body God gave you. We are all born in all shapes and sizes. Your skin will get better when you get to ‘enter age here’. These are just a few of the platitudes that I have been given since I was 12 years old. I was one of the kids who hit puberty early, something I resented with a passion. Acne arrived on my skin overnight, red blistering spots covered my face, my face produced more oil than an oil rig in the UAE and my eyebrows -let’s not get started on those.

I remember a distinct time in my teens when all the girls in my family were getting measured for dresses for a wedding. Asian weddings typically mean that you have to wear tailor made outfits. My mum went from girl to girl with her trusty measuring tape, taking down their measurements and proceeded onto me. When she put the numbers down for my size, they were all larger than my cousins. I felt instantly ashamed and knew I would feel like a beached whale in the outfit that I would be forced to be wear at this wedding. No one had to say it to me, I just knew.  

That feeling of being ashamed and self- conscious never seemed to go away. Sometime after that I stopped eating. I thought the easiest way to lose weight and punish myself was to avoid food. I made excuses at lunch and dinner and eventually started to eat the smallest amounts of food (mostly sugar based). I couldn’t talk to anyone about the way I felt. I was convinced that if I lost weight and looked like my afore mentioned cousins, people would like me and I would be instantly popular.

Reflecting on this now makes me sound rather pathetic even to myself. I am not writing this because I want whoever reading this to feel sorry for me. I just want to say that this time passes. As the years go by, you start learning that your body is at the end of the day yours. Eat healthily, exercise and learn to look in that mirror and accept who you are. That won’t happen overnight, it will take time.

Those scary feelings of ‘everyone is staring at me’ never really go away. Learn to love one thing about yourself, whether it is your personality or your looks and know that it will get easier. Life is not easy, it is hard and sucks most of the time. However don’t forget you can’t expect people to love you, if you don’t even like yourself. Stay strong and just believe in the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sanoobar x

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