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Guest Blog Post: Self Empowerment by Kimmiee - The Typical Beauty Blog

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to be writing this post, my name is Kimmiee & I’m your typical 22-year-old whose interested in all things make-up & skincare related. You can check my blog out at thetypicalbeautyblog where I post in depth product reviews, wish-lists, hauls & so much more! I’ve even started a skincare series on my blog called Skinlovin’ Sundays, in which I will be talking about skincare tips exclusively.

In today’s post, however, I will be talking to you guys about Self-Empowerment. So, let’s start right at the beginning:

What does Self-Empowerment mean to me?

To me it’s about being confident, in the decisions I make, in my way of life & in my beliefs. I believe being confident is so important, especially as a young adult, where situations can arise where people don’t believe in you. It also means taking control, control of my life & accepting full responsibility of my actions, as my actions represent the choices that I have made. It means to wake up every day knowing that I am responsible for the person that I become, no one else. It means to set myself targets which I want to achieve because it’s what I want from my life, empowering myself to make positive choices in terms of my future. It’s about fully understanding that everyone has flaws & therefore it’s okay for me to have flaws too, but learning how to work with these flaws to my advantage.

How can you become Self-Empowered?

There are many ways to become Self-Empowered & everyone will have different ways of doing this. We all must find out what works for us but here are some tips:

·      Self-Love – realising who you are, what you stand for & being happy with it.
·      Self-Awareness – realising the potential you have, embracing your strengths & weakness’s.
·      Self-Discipline – sticking to the targets you’ve set yourself.
·      Self-Pride – realise how far you’ve come!

Another important thing is to live in the present, don’t spend your days dwelling on events that have already occurred or events you want to occur in the future, but instead spend time reflecting on today, the NOW. Don’t forget to be involved in your everyday life, actively involved! Sure, it’s good to think ahead & have plans for the future but NEVER lose track of your present, because Its’ a time you’ll never get back.

How do I feel Self-Empowered?

Education has always been a huge thing for me, I pride myself in my knowledge & I love constantly learning about a variety of things. I believe that “knowledge is power” – which is my ultimate favourite quote in life & probably my biggest motivation. I also think that education is one thing that no one can take from you, ever.
To finish of I fully accept that being a young adult in today’s society can be tough, especially when you’re growing up in the City of London but all you should remind yourself every morning is that your life is in your hands & it’s what you make of it that counts.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post today guys. Let me leave you with a question… What does Self-Empowerment mean to you? & what do you think has empowered you in life?

Love, Kimmiee.

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