Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Guest Blog Post: 'A letter to my 16 year old self' by Eleanor

Hey! I am Eleanor from www.littlethoughtsfromlittlepeople.blogspot.co.uk and I am a lifestyle and beauty blogger from England! I am really excited today to be writing this post, a letter to my 16 year old self. I hope you enjoy it and if you do remember to follow my twitter and Instagram and to check out my blog!

Dear Eleanor,
At 16 you’ve just gotten into a proper relationship for the first time with an amazing guy who loves you too bits. You’re still with him now, four years on and you’re still super grateful he is still in your life. Remember who is important and who makes you the happiest and those are the people who you should pay most attention and love to.

Keep working for your exams, you’ll actually do okay and I know you’re super stressed but you do fine! A-levels are another story and will hit you like a tonne of bricks. But it’s okay, you make it through those two years and end up in a great uni (even if it isn’t your first choice) and absolutely smash university with firsts all round.

There are a lot of scary things but a lot of amazing things too. In the next few months you will get extremely drunk for the first time (it’s a mess but embrace it) and you’ll find that some friendships break down (you were better off without them). There is a lot of loneliness coming too, please keep focusing on the people who matter most and remember that you are loved, even though you don’t feel much like you are most of the time. I know that the next few years are very hard body image wise but please try and remember that there is more to life than being extremely thin and keep fighting on.

Keep doing you too, you’re still blogging (after a few long breaks) and still loving it. Keep writing and imagining stories and doing the things you love. There are a lot of exciting and happy days coming, sometimes the happiest days are the simplest days. Make the most and just live in the moment, time flies so fast and I’m not sure you even realise how fast it goes, so enjoy every moment.

There are a few health scares coming up too, you’re a massive hypochondriac and sometimes you do get really nervous about your health. Your anxiety does get worse over the next few years but you will get through it every time. One thing that is going to help you is just to remember that you are in control. Just remember that and it’ll make the next few years a lot easier.

Your acne still stays the same, with bad weeks and good weeks but it starts to bother you a lot less. It’s a lot better than it was but unfortunately it does not go away, not even now you’re an adult! But it’s okay and you’re still on that journey!

You have some really fun times coming up at university and you do really love the people you meet, even if you haven’t fully decided what you want to do with your degree yet! You end up studying psychology and absolutely love it! Even if sometimes it is very difficult…

All in all, just keep plodding on, you’re doing great and there are some difficult things coming up but some amazing things too, you still have your boyfriend and your best friend and you’re going to be okay!
Lots of love,
Future you x

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