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Guest Blog Post: 'A letter to my 16 year old self' by The Lipstick Lady

Hey Lovelies,

I’m Alex, from and I blog primarily about all things beauty related, with a
little bit of lifestyle and the odd personal post! And today’s post is a very personal one, all about what I would say to my 16 year old self. hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading!

Dear Alex,

Where do I even begin. Right now as you’re reading this at 16, you’re sick to death of having braces. You’re sick to death of the in-between length of your hair. You’re sick to death of the pressure that comes with doing your GCSE’s. But please, try not to be too stressed (I know, you’re sick to death of hearing that sentence too) it doesn't look good on you, and looking back on that time you’ll forever wonder why you spent so much time being stressed and not enough time enjoying the little things.

Let’s start with Beauty. You’ve just got a job and now that your eczema has started to clear from your face, you’ll develop a small interest in makeup that will fast become an obsession. Embrace this, and ignore the people who tell you that your lipstick is too bold, too dark, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life! However do listen to your gut when debating whether or not to buy that Barbie Pink pale MAC lipstick & liner; the girl in the shop is lying when she says it suits you. It washes you out and will be £40 that you’ll regret spending.

As for your hair, that terrible haircut is finally growing out and even though it was a long process, I promise that you’ll look back on it fondly. Your hair is now much thicker and glossier, and getting that terrible cut was probably the best thing you ever did for it... Just don’t cut it like that again.

This year is also your prom. Get that Ted Baker dress because it’s beautiful, but for heavens sake please up your shoe game. And let your mum do your makeup, but don’t let *that* hairdresser pin your hair up...It looks a show, and you’ll always look back on the last pictures you took with Nanny with a mix of sadness and contrition. 

Speaking of Nanny, she’ll become an Angel this year and it will have a major impact on your life; you’ll miss her dearly and the first few months are horrendous. But in losing her you’ll become closer to your Grandad than you ever thought was possible, and the memories you have with him are some of your absolute favourites. 

Going into Sixth Form you’ll feel amazing, brace free with new clothes and an amazing set of exam results behind you. But don’t be bullied into doing the subjects you don’t want to do with the promise that you’ll get into a better uni if you do what they want. This is a lie, and those choices are ones that still haunt you now as a near- 20 year old.

You’ve also been the doctors this year; something isn’t working quite right with your body and you know it. So when the doctor suggests leaving things for a few years to see if they settle, say no. Once again, that is a choice that still haunts you now.

But it isn’t all bad. When you go to NYC just before your 17th Birthday, your love for makeup will come into full swing when the delightful man on the Dior Counter in Bloomingdales talks you into buying that pink/ purple eyeshadow palette and the lipgloss “that matches your nailsssss”. People will tell you you’re crazy for spending that $100 but you're not... and you’ll spend much more on makeup in years to come.

A lovely friend in work will also suggest that you start a Blog soon. She’s an amazing friend and you should definitely listen to her when she says this... you’ll meet and speak to some truly wonderful people, and the opportunities that arise from this will blow you away.

As for your clothing choices, don’t let them slip when you get to university and realise you suddenly have boobs that have gone past the point of being good joke material and are simply far too big for you. Push all of your fears aside and have them reduced as soon as possible because you will thank yourself for it.

It won’t be an easy ride girl. Even when you reach the age of 19/20 you won’t be 100% sure what you want to do with life. You’ll still be in full time education, you’ll still be stressed and you’ll still be sick of people telling you “not to stress too much”. But carry on working hard, enjoy every minute of life and stop caring what people think. Because the truth of it is, you’ve got a pretty amazing life, there’s some amazing things to come, and no matter how hard things seem you’re stronger than it all, and stronger than you think

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