Saturday, 4 March 2017

Guest Blog Post: Creativity by HanMeetsWorld

Hey Blogger! Do you believe you are creative?

Well, the dictionary definition of ‘creativity’ is the use of original ideas and inventiveness. With the ever increasing numbers of bloggers and online creatives filling up all corners of the internet world, creativity is an essential tool for a blogger if you hope to make it past the first year.

Believe me, I’ve been there. Han Meets World is in fact not my first, second or third blog site. It’s actually, technically, my fifth – depending on whether blogs on an old work site, and so not physically owned by me, counts. Han Meets World is my exploration of the world around me and my break into entrepreneurialism. I typically categorise it as a lifestyle blog as it is the style that I am living my life.

So, what does this have to do with ‘creativity’ you ask?

Brazil and the Nut was my first break into the online world back in 2013, when I was paid to document my Year Abroad. At the time it was very original as there were no real experience blogs or videos about life as an exchange student there. But when the year was up it didn’t have much of a place moving forward. So my site TalbStar was born, and this is where my creativity was questioned.

In order to stand out in such a large world, you have to be unique, yes? You have to have a certain level of creativity and original thought to be able to grab someone’s attention. Think outside the box, keep it real and be in love with what you do – because as we know, your audience can sniff inauthenticity out!

It has taken me a while – or in internet years anyway – to figure out my creative voice. Where I fit and what I can bring to the table. But this took some getting to know myself. If I wasn’t writing about what I love, how was my audience going to love it? If I couldn’t bring any creative or original thought to the table, why was I expecting my audience to stay for dessert?

For me, this was when #InspiredBy was born. To connect people with ideas, with other people with ideas and create a collaborative, active network of creatives. Sound like you? Get in touch!

Han x


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