Monday, 13 March 2017

Guest Blog Post: Blogging Advice by Maeve - Full of Fashion

Hey guys, my name is Maeve and I run my own fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog over at I am here today to talk to you about blogging, give you some advice, and try to be as helpful as I can to all you other bloggers out there!

I want to start off by saying that this topic is one I don’t usually address because I do not consider myself to be a ‘’big enough’’ blogger to give sufficient advice about it. Saying that, I have been blogging for about two, almost three years now, and even though it may not seem like that to you - I may not have the desired following – but I have been doing it and will continue to do so, simply because I enjoy it.

That’s a very important thing to remember: do not write your blog because you want the following and popularity; this can be an interesting benefit from blogging, yes, but do it because you enjoy it! You cannot go into something, or pursue something effectively if you’re only interested in the outcomes that may occur from it. I believe that to be successful in something, you must feel a strong passion for it. That way you’re more likely to enjoy and appreciate your content, rather than it being something you just generate.

As a new blogger (if I can still class myself as that), I am always looking for ways to develop my blog, make it better and create better content, however when doing this I can find myself comparing my blog to someone else’s, which brings me right back down again. Does that ever happen to you?

Not only is this a negative thing to do, but it’s unnecessary – your blog is your own; you are you; therefore, everything you do is going to be completely different to someone else and that is OK! I try to stick to these top five tips when I feel down, need inspiration or just need a little push in the right direction…

I believe that it is ok to feel down and doubtful – lets be serious, everyone does – but what you need to do then, is learn from it and know how to pick yourself back up afterwards! I find these tips really hit the nail on the head; basically, be happy and create content you’re happy with. Simple.

I found a lovely quote that echo’s this:

I hope you found these helpful guys! In fact, what other tips would you give to other bloggers? Comment down below what tips you use, it would be great to hear how you guys keep yourselves positive and motivated when blogging!

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Thanks to Bloggers Who Brunch for the chance to write about this; it’s definitely a post that I look for as a new blogger, especially as I’m always trying to develop my blog.

See you next time!
Maeve xox

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