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Guest Blog Post: Positivity by Ohitssare


Hi lovelies, I'm Sare and I blog at
I'm just going to start this off by saying that I am by no means the most positive person on the planet, in fact I think I'm quite the opposite. 

You're probably wondering why I'm writing this post if I'm such a negative person but I actually used to be a lot worse, I was negative about everything and everyone. I had such a crappy outlook on life and my own appearance and it caused me to have a lot of problems with my schooling, childhood and still in my adult life. Gosh I'm such a debbie downer aren't I? I basically wanted to try and help you guys out with some steps that I go through to ensure I start my day in a positive way (lol I rhymed)

Surround yourself with those that make you happy
When I was younger I had this friend who treated me like crap, she would tag along with the bullies who obviously didn't like me very much so you can imagine what my outlook on life was like. It was such a negative environment and it wasn't until I made a small change with who I associated myself with that I started noticing a huge difference. In all honesty it took me a lot of time to actually go through with this as the thought of not having any friends frightened the life out of me but it's not worth the negative thoughts you force upon yourself daily for a crappy bunch of fake friends.

Pick three things that you like about yourself each morning
I always used to think this was such a stupid thing to do when people used to suggest this to me but it wasn't until I actually gave it a go that I started feeling more positive about my body image and my appearance. Simply just stand in front of the mirror and just pick three things that you see that you like, I used to hate the ways my eyes would bulge out and look like floating eggs on my face but now I think they're one of my best features! I know it sounds like such a gimmick and super cringe but it's worth a try?

You need to be realistic
It's so easy to get carried away with your thoughts, especially if they're negative ones. I'm an over thinker and my anxiety just takes my mind on field trips to unrealistic places and sometimes it's hard to snap out of it. A great example would be my constant anxiety about my health, if I get a headache I immediately start thinking that my brain is going to explode or I've got some strange unknown incurable disease. 

Obviously I'm just overthinking everything when what I should be doing is calming down and picking out the positives instead of the negatives. The first thing I would be pick out that it's clearly a headache and nothing more, I should have nothing to worry about... do you you guys understand what I'm trying to say? There are always positives to a negative situation and you can easily snap out of it by calming down and taking the time to think it through. 

Make a change in your life.
Right now I've been starting to feel bored of life, do you know what I mean? I just feel like I'm stuck in the same routine of just going to work/uni and then coming home to eat and sleep. Having the same routine can get so tiring and its made me think that what I've got going on in my life is going to stay exactly how it is, I should be feeling more positive and excited about my future but right now I'm just a big bag of negative thoughts. 

This year I wanted to spend more time on my blog and to help it grow so I can maybe change up my routine by dedicating a few hours every night writing blog posts or taking photos? Hobbies are also a great thing to take up when you're feeling negative about your future, maybe something like a photography course or even the gym? Picking up a hobby or changing up your routine can seriously change your negative thoughts into positive ones, it will get you out of that bored slump and will kick start that excitement and positivity towards your future.

It's ok to be negative.
Once you've read this list you're obviously not going to be the most positive person on the planet, I'm certainly not and thats coming from the person who wrote it. If I'm being honest people who are positive 100% of the time can be annoying, not everything in the world is hunky dory and it's ok to have your down days. If you ask anyone that knows me they will say that I'm a negative person and I'm ok with that but if you're negative all the time like I used to be you start to realise that you're wasting time. It's time to see the good in the bad and to get on with our lives knowing that there are places to go, things to do and people to share it with. Positivity is not the be all and end all to a happy mind and happy life but it certainly helps to practice the steps (or whatever works for you) to help you have a better outlook on life. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and thank you so much to Kirby from Bloggers Who Brunch for giving me the opportunity! Do you know of any other ways to stay positive when you’re a negative nellie like I am? Leave a comment down below and tell me your tips and tricks! 


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