Friday, 24 February 2017

Blog Tips: The Benefits of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a fantastic way to get your work noticed. Sometimes posting only on your own website isn't enough if you want your content to be seen. To maximise your online presence, posting and guest blogging is the perfect way.

There are so many benefits, here's a few:

1. To Build Relationships

Through guest blogging you have the opportunity to build relationships and network. You may spur conversations with people you've never spoken to before, replying to comments in the comment box and on social media.

Networking can lead to important contacts in the industry, maybe a new PR agency could come across your blog and your work. It could also lead to you introducing guest bloggers to your own site, bringing in fresh content from other writers with different perspectives.

2. Capturing A Wider Audience

If you post in more than one place, you're going to get more exposure. New readers may love your style and your opinions and become avid readers of your own blog. If your objective is to be noticed, it's important for you to push your work in places you'd want to be seen.

3. Earning Genuine Links: to your blog and social media channels

By guest blogging you will be increasing your website traffic. If you want to guest blog with us, we want you to give a short bio and links to all of your channels. These links will drive referral traffic to your pages, which in the long run will increase your DA (Domain Authority - post coming soon!). Basically, it will improve organic search rankings for your website.

4. Building Credibility

It's important for you to build your credibility. Building positive associations with other names/brands is a brilliant way to start. For example, an author who also writes for Huffington Post as well as on their own blog would be perceived as a very credible author. It can be difficult to be approved as an author for the well known sites, so starting small and guest blogging on smaller platforms is key. One way to keep track would be to have a portfolio on your own blog, linking to the posts you've written for other sites so it is visible for everyone to see!

We hope these tips have helped to understand the benefits of guest blogging.

Here at BWB we hope to have at least 2/3 guest bloggers per week, if it's something you'd be interested in please do drop us an email and we will get back to you with any information about the subject and dates!

Keep an eye on all of our guest blogs posts here!

Love BWB X


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